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So I haven’t been posting much lately, I’m sorry. But in honour of my 3500th tweet.. There’s a Girls Aloud Comp!! Six prices will be given away!!

#GAQ1 In which order did the girls get in to the band (GA) during PSTR, and who went home without a place in the band?
#GAQ2 What song did each girl sing during Popstars The Rivals for their audition?
#GAQ3 What are the full names of all five girls. Nadine, Kimberley, Nicola, Cheryl, Sarah.
#GAQ4 according to Dreams That Glitter.. What is each girl’s style?
#GAQ5 Name the five guys who officially were in a (!)relationship(!) with the girls last. Which was confirmed by the girls! (So no rumours!)

Tweet/Direct Message through twitter or via KimbadineOnline me your answers! Comp will be open til November, 29!


Girls Aloud set for comeback!

Girls Aloud are set to reunite and make, some sort of comeback in 2012, it could be a one-off gig.

The group’s manager Hilary Shaw told The People: “Everybody wants them to make a comeback and it will be next year. Well, it is their tenth anniversary so there will be something.”

Shaw added a new album is unlikely, but said the girls are “getting on great. They speak all the time, and that includes Cheryl and Nadine with the other girls. Cheryl is keen to get back with the girls and is planning something which could be a one off or some gigs.”

The band’s last album was released in 2008 called ‘Out Of Control’.

Since then Cheryl Cole and Nadine Coyle have launched solo careers. Nicola Roberts is all set to go it alone.

Sarah and Nadine are preparing to get married and Kimberley Walsh is being tipped to present the Xtra Factor and doing some solo stuff as well.


What else did you miss?

— Nadine denies bar closure
— Kimba became an aunt
— Kimba is set to be the new host of X-tra Factor
— Nadine rescheduled her wedding plans for this summer to avoid clash with Girls Aloud band mates, because Sarah is also getting married this summer!
— All the girls want to reunite and make a new album, but Cheryl’s busy schedule is stopping them
— Kimba planned a party so that all her friends could watch the Royal Wedding of William and Catherine
— Kimba’s column on OK! Magazine!
check it out:


Kimba wants Girls Aloud engagement party for Sarah and Nadine

Kimberley Walsh would like her Girls Aloud bandmates Sarah Harding and Nadine Coyle to have a joint party to celebrate their recent engagements.

The Girls Aloud singer was delighted when both her bandmates made plans to marry their boyfriends Tom Crane and Jason Bell and is hopeful the happy news can repair the rift between Nadine and the rest of the group, which also includes Nicola Roberts and Cheryl Cole.

She said: “Nadine’s not been back for a while so I think when she is next over we probably need to do a big celebration for her and Sarah’s engagements.

“Hopefully Cheryl and Nicola will be around too. It’s just tying everyone down at the same time.

“Lovely news like that always brings you closer together.”

Kimberley and the other members of Girls Aloud were bridesmaids Continue reading ‘Kimba wants Girls Aloud engagement party for Sarah and Nadine’


Nadz misses Girls Aloud

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Nadine Coyle has revealed there are times when she misses her Girls Aloud bandmates and said they sent her a bunch of flowers for her recent engagement.

The singer – who recently claimed she had not spoken to Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding, Kimberly Walsh or Nicola Roberts in some time – said although she didn’t miss them when she was recording her solo album, she sometimes finds herself looking around and wondering where the other girls are.

She told MailOnline: Continue reading ‘Nadz misses Girls Aloud’


Nadz wants multiple weddings

Nadine is planning multiple wedding ceremonies so she can pick out a different dress for each set of nuptials.

She is engaged to wed American football star Jason Bell after he proposed last month (Sep10).

And Nadine admits Continue reading ‘Nadz wants multiple weddings’


Kim shocked by Nadz engagement

Kimberley was stunned by Nadine’s recent engagement announcement – because she was convinced her Girls Aloud bandmate wasn’t “the marriage type”.

The Northern Irish star accepted a proposal from her American footballer boyfriend Jason Bell earlier this month (Sep10) after two years of dating.

But the news came a shock for Walsh, who never imagined Coyle would settle down.

She tells Britain’s OK! magazine, “I’m so happy for Nadine and Jason. Nadine was the last person I thought would get married. She’s never been the marriage type so I’m really happy for her that with Jason she’s found that place. He is a really friendly guy so I approve. When I first met him, I thought he might be the one to lock it down. Congratulations to them both.”



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